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Chinese New Year: Auspicious ways to rev up luck with your car

Hearing dong dong dong chiang music everywhere? Yup, it is time to usher in abundance, prosperity and good health for the Lunar New Year.

According to Chinese astrology, this is the Year of the Dragon. Traditionally considered a powerful and auspicious symbol, the Dragon is expected to bring with it positive energy, transformation, and innovation.

Many Chinese people – and kiasu Singaporeans – will engage in activities and embrace certain traditions to attract all the positive things that the new year will bring. This includes going into spring cleaning overdrive, decorating our homes and businesses with Chinese orange plants (citrus sinensis, we found out) and red couplets of auspicious sayings. Not to mention paying top dollar for the best bak wa (barbecued meat) in town!

For car owners, there are also certain traditions to follow if you are looking to rev up the good fortune and have a smooth and safe year ahead. We look at some of these practices, while adding our own auspicious sub-headers for good measure, heh!

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1. Spring clean for good luck on the move

Associated with getting rid of bad luck, spring cleaning your car paves the way for good fortune to enter. Declutter your boot, vacuum the interior, and give your automobile a thorough wash. A clean and clutter-free car not only looks good, it helps you have a settled mind and a more comfortable ride.

While spring cleaning your car, make sure you remove or safely stow away any sharp objects. Sharp objects, such as scissors, are avoided on the first day of Chinese New Year as they are seen as obstructing or cutting away any good luck that comes your way. In any case, it makes sense to have a hazard-free environment in your car, especially if you have young children on the road with you.

Just remember to finish your spring cleaning or washing your car before the first day of the Chinese New Year. You don’t want to be throwing out or washing away any good luck that has come your way.

2. Oranges on dashboard keeps fortune in sight

A mandarin orange symbolises good luck and prosperity for many Chinese as its colour and name “kum” is associated with gold. It is usually exchanged in pairs when visiting families and loved ones during the festive period to represent good fortune flowing to and fro.

Mandarin oranges thus find a place on many dashboards during Chinese New Year. Usually these are placed on top of a pair of angpows (red packets). Embrace this tradition and display a pair of angpows on your dashboard to see good fortune in front of you.

If you believe in fengshui, consider placing other symbols of wealth, such as gold coins within the car to attract good fortune.

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3. Auspicious red for prosperous drive

In Chinese culture, the colour red symbolises good fortune and prosperity. Little wonder that red takes centrestage during Chinese New Year. Add some red accessories or decorations in your car, this could be an angpow or a simple red tissue box, to invite prosperity and positive vibes throughout the year.

And if you happen to drive a red car, you’re already on the right track!

4. Service car for smooth journey in life

Start the year on the right foot by giving your car the attention it deserves. If you have neglected something that needs to be fixed or replaced such as your tyres, it can lead to disharmony in your car. If you have not done so, schedule a maintenance check to ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey.

A well-maintained car also reflects the care and attention you will invest in your endeavours.

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5. Wind windows down for breeze of luck

Opening windows at home on the first day of CNY is believed to welcome good luck. Similarly, you can let the luck in by rolling down your car windows. While we can’t do without aircon with Singapore’s heat, winding down your windows for a short while during your drive is not a bad idea to bring in some fresh air.

A car that smells fresh will also invite in positive energy or as the Chinese calls it, good chi.

6. Good music, good chi

A peaceful drive ensures your safety as well as that of your passengers and road users, fostering positive relationships in the year ahead. Listening to music can help.

Create a playlist for your car so that it is easy to create the energy you want. Music that you find energising or relaxing helps chase away negative energy while boosting your positive chi. It doesn’t have to be the aforesaid dong dong dong chiang type of Chinese songs; generally, any music that makes you feel good will work.

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Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

7. Buy a new car to drive blessings

Many people believe that starting a new venture, such as purchasing a car, during the festive season brings good luck and prosperity. Thus, families prefer to bring home a new car during festivals, as it is seen as an investment that will drive blessings and good fortune into their lives.

If you have a new car, there is also a practice called car coining. Basically, you toss a few coins onto the floor of your newly purchased car for good luck. Guess some things just can’t be done with PayNow.

Good practices

Whether you are superstitious or not, some of these traditions for good luck are good practices in the first place, such as keeping your car clean and ensuring a properly serviced vehicle.

In embracing these positive practices, may your drive and journey this year be filled with happiness, prosperity, good health, positivity and abundance!

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