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Reduce petrol costs with these simple moves

Feel your blood pumping every time you pump petrol these days?

As petrol prices continue to increase, and unless you make the switch to an electric vehicle (or public transport), you will be looking for ways to save some money on your car fuel. While you can’t control the price of petrol, you can make simple changes that will help save you some money at the pump. Below are some of the ways.

1. Remember G-A-S

Doing these three things lead to high petrol consumption:

  • G – Going too fast
  • A – Accelerating too quickly
  • S – Stopping suddenly

Your vehicle will burn more petrol the more you burn up the road.  Avoid travelling at high speeds and try to ease into your acceleration. Give yourself enough distance before coming to a stop; coast to slow down instead of hitting the brakes.

2. Consider cruise control

It is not only high speeds that guzzle up the gas, varying your speed up and down constantly also eat into your fuel tank. Activate your cruise control if you are driving on the highway or when it is appropriate. This could improve your gas mileage by as much as a third.

3. The heavier your car, the lighter your tank

For each 45kg of weight removed from your vehicle, your fuel efficiency goes up by around 2%. Time to do a Marie Kondo and remove unnecessary baggage and heavy equipment from your boot.

4. Stop idling around

Unless you are waiting for the lights to change while in traffic, switch off your engines to stop wasting petrol.

5. Plan the route ahead

Listen out for traffic reports and avoid jams before you start driving off.  Nowadays you can also use GPS to find which is the most efficient route to reach your destination.  Also combine trips as your vehicle’s engine works most efficiently when it is warmed up.

6. Keep up the vehicle servicing

How you drive can save you quite a bit of money on petrol.  Another important thing is to ensure proper and regular maintenance for your vehicle.

Taking your vehicle to a dealership or auto service centre for regular servicing can improve your fuel-consumption.  If you have a faulty oxygen sensor or clogged air filter for example, replacing these can improve your gas mileage and fuel efficiency by as much as 40% and 10% respectively!

As part of servicing, your vehicle tyres will also be checked to ensure they are inflated to the proper pressure.  Under-inflated tyres not only wear out faster, they increase the rolling resistance which affect fuel efficiency. Having properly inflated tyres can save you up to 4% in petrol consumption.

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

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Fuel the difference?

Try our tips above and see if your petrol costs come down or if you need to make fewer trips to the petrol station.

And if you are looking to trade in, upgrade or buy a new vehicle, why not consider making the switch to an electric vehicle instead? We give you some reasons why it makes sense to buy an electric vehicle and address some of the common misconceptions about going electric.

PS: We were going to mention using your vehicle’s air-conditioning sparingly, but who are we kidding? With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, this is an advice that we honestly can’t follow diligently.

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