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Swing by Seletar for great eats and vaycay vibes

  • 9 JUL 2023
  • 5 min READ

Seletar hits the sweet spot for food.

When you think of the Seletar area, you might just think of Seletar Airport and nothing else, however, this charming and understated neighbourhood is home to many cool cafes and great eats.

Located in the north-east of Singapore, the Seletar ‘hood also offers great views of Seletar Airport, colonial bungalows and sprawling greens that makes it best explored by car. Just imagine driving along the streets with minimal traffic, some gentle morning/late afternoon sunshine and planes taking off just few miles away — trust us, it’s a vibe.

So, what’s there to eat? We took our BMW X4 for a spin around the area and here are our recommendations for food stops at Seletar that you can check out.

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Dine under the blue sky or the stars

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This lovely colonial building houses Wildseed cafe and The Summerhouse restaurant

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The Summerhouse

First up on the list is The Summerhouse, one of the many dining spots sprinkled around The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park.

Housed in a gorgeous black and white colonial bungalow, The Summerhouse offers two concepts under one roof. Wildseed is a casual cafe and bar on the first floor, and The Summerhouse Dining Room is the main restaurant on the second floor.

For brunch, make a beeline for the locally-inspired gourmet sandwiches and cakes at Wildseed. The Wildseed Garden Arrabiata, Sesame Chicken Pita and its Blue Pea Coconut Muffin are highly recommended.

Au Balcon (French: “on the balcony”) located on the second level offers a communal-style menu that aims to bring to mind a retreat in the French countryside. Dine on signatures such as escargots, steak frites, and of course, French onion soup, which relaxing in the beautiful and breezy space with high ceilings. Sunlit afternoons are especially elegant while soft nights make for wonderfully romantic dinners.

If you wish to enjoy dinner in a more intimate setting, there is The Summerhouse Garden Domes. Set amidst lush greenery, these petite glass domes offer views of the night sky and twinkling fairy lights as you enjoy your food within.

Address: 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387

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A popular Insta spot

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

Sneaking in a picture of our BMW X4 in front of the gorgeous B&W building

Wheeler’s Estate

Wheeler’s Estate is an Instagram-worthy site comprising a restaurant, cafe, bar, picnic area and events area. At night, the back of the restaurant makes for a fairytale sight — lightbulbs hanging from the branches of a huge tree make for an absolutely pretty sight for photo-taking.

Food at Wheeler’s Estate is designed for communal dining with highlights like Tequila & Lime Pork Spare Ribs and Oven Baked Halibut Fish. The menu also consists of drinks as well as sharing plates of pizza and wings.

For meat lovers, Wheeler’s Estate houses Cinder Steakhouse. Tuck into amazing steaks and hearty dishes, paired with wine from its selection of over 200 labels.

Address: 2 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798386

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Sans doute … outdoor seating just feels right

5 by Sans-Façon

If you are looking for a quieter place to hang out, check out 5 by Sans-Façon. Serving up authentic Provençal French cuisine best enjoyed with wine, this eatery is known for its Bouchot Mussels in white wine cream sauce, as well as its Duck Confit Pasta. Remember to make room for desserts like Lemon Double Meringue Tarte and Chocolate Cake. Très bien!

Address: 5 The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 797863

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Old school vibe from an old school restaurant

Di Wei Teo Chew Restaurant

Brace yourself for an extensive menu which includes quality Teochew classic dishes like cold crab, braised abalone and sea cucumber. And make room for other signature dishes such as the braised duck and beancurd, prawn balls, and Teochew-style steamed pomfret.

Di Wei Teo Chew Restaurant started off as a food court kiosk.  It has since grown into this 140-seater restaurant in a quaint single storey building. Much old school vibes!

Like many Chinese restaurants, Di Wei is all about communal-style dining so if you are looking for a place to have large gatherings, it will be perfect for you.

Address: 1 The Oval, Singapore 797859

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Verdant and idyllic

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

Delectable spread (photo)

YOUNGS Bar and Restaurant

The verdant surroundings of Seletar paint a scenic backdrop to your meal at YOUNGS Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant might be located in one of the smaller bungalows in The Oval, but it can accommodate 289 guests.

It also goes big with the luxe experience. The interiors reflect old-world European charm, with plush sofas, cushioned walls and wood accents.  The intimate vibe makes it a great dining space for a romantic night away from the city.

YOUNGS offers brunch, lunch sets, afternoon tea and dinner to satisfy all cravings. The menu is inspired by the owner’s trips various European cities.  For example, there is French-style mussel pots, lobster alfredo and buttermilk chicken schnitzel. Other signatures include a flank steak served on a bed of mashed potatoes, and a snapper and clam dish reminiscent of dishes you would find in a Spanish coastal town.

Address: 3 Hyde Park Gate, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 799531

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We couldn’t fit the gyrocopter inside our photo!

Hangar66 Cafe

Hangar66 Cafe gets is name from its location — in aircraft hangar 66 at Seletar Aerospace View.

Inside this aviation-themed cafe, you can get up close with a real Gyropcopter. It looks like a helicopter but much smaller; the very long blades need some avoiding though.

You also get views of a working hangar while digging into an array of Western food. Hey, it is better than some onboard meals. Whether you are here for the tranquility or the aviation experience, it is a great spot to drive to.

Address: 66 Seletar Aerospace View WOA Aviation Hangar 66 Level 1, Singapore 797509

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Hot for some Szechuan food (Photo)

Seletar Hill Restaurant

Popular among residents, Seletar Hill Restaurant has been serving American-style Szechuan cuisine (don’t knock it till you try it) for over 20 years.

Its plethora of dishes are prepared completely in-house with fresh and natural ingredients. Try their Camphor Tea Smoked Duck and other favourites like General Tso’s Chicken and Orange Crispy Beef.

Address: 16 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808440

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Prata whenever you want

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata

Open 24 hours, Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata sees crowds dropping by at all hours of the day for its delicious pratas, curries and more. The pratas come crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Best of all, the food is value for money. Late night supper craves, begone!

Address: 239 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799463


More than just food at Seletar

There are many more places in Seletar that makes the neighbourhood an eclectic place to visit and explore. Food aside, the area boasts nature parks, and views of planes landing and taking off. A drive down would mean a lovely break from Singapore’s cityscape and traffic!

If you don’t own a car, you can always rent one to check out more hidden dining gems here, or from the East to the West of Singapore.

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Note: Information correct at the time of publication.

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