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Saving 1 million litres of water with Performance Motors Green Initiative

Wash not, waste not.

What would you do if you could reduce water wastage and save 1,000,000,000 litres of water?

For many customers of Performance Motors Limited (PML), they did not hesitate once they realised how much water could be saved just by giving up the complimentary car washes that come with their service appointments.

A complimentary car wash is offered as a standard service in the industry even though customers may not necessarily need it. Based on estimates, each car wash uses about 300 litres of water. That is double the amount of water an average Singaporean uses a day!

To address this, Performance Motors is challenging the industry norm by offering customers the power of choice through its Green Initiative.

From 3 July 2023, customers can choose Car Wash Opt Out for their regular service appointments. In return for opting out of the complimentary car wash, customers are given a microgreen gardening kit to discover farm to table harvesting.

Another part of the initiative is the two-hour Green Fast Lane maintenance service. This allows time-tight customers to have their car serviced for single tasks such as engine oil and brake fluid services or replacement of tyres and brake pads. The car wash is excluded from the Green Fast Lane.


Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

Planting the seeds of sustainability

Customer response to the Car Wash Opt-Out and Green Fast Lane has been very encouraging. To thank and encourage even more support for its Green Initiative, Performance Motors staff will plant one tree for every 30 car washes saved. The end goal is to save 1,000,000 litres of water as a result with the support of its customers.

As a start, the first Plant-a-Tree activity was held at Jalan Gali Batu in Bukit Panjang on 28 July 2023. With changkuls and shovels in hand, over 50 Management and staff members of Performance Motors and BMW Asia toiled under the morning sun, digging up soil and planting a variety of 50 trees.

Mr Lawrence Tan, Managing Director of Performance Motors Ltd, was heartened by the increasing support of customers for the Green Initiative: “It proves that when given the power of choice, people tend to make the right decisions.”

He added: “While this is not the first green effort by PML, it is by far the most meaningful because we are addressing a problem in the auto industry – the wastage of water in car washes as part of the overall aftersales service. PML will continue to proactively engage and educate our customers on how they can do their part for the environment simply by forgoing their complimentary car wash.”

Other activities to raise more awareness of the Performance Motors Green Initiative include conducting community workshops on microgreen harvesting. There will also be an installation at the Performance Motors showroom to help customers and members of the public learn more how they can contribute to a green cause.

Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

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