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SAV, SAC or SUV? What’s different about BMW X series

(Updated 20 July 2023 to include the new BMW X5 and X6)

Does X mark the spot for you?

Given the popularity of SUVs these days, it is little wonder that car manufacturers are coming with more models each year. BMW, for example, has an impressive range of these which it calls SAVs (sports activity vehicles) and SACS (sports activity coupé) under its BMW X series.

BMW X3 and BMW X4 coupe

1. Why SAV and SAC but not SUV?

BMW X models are referred to as SAVs and SACs as they are designed to focus on the overall power and sheer capabilities the vehicles have to offer.

SAVs has a more off-road character with large and practical spaces in the interior while SACs come in an edgier design with its sloping coupé roofline.

2. What BMW SAVs and SACs are available?

Just remember that the odd number BMW X series are SAVs while the even numbers are SACs.

  • X1 – a compact SAV that was the best-selling BMW worldwide in 2018
  • X2 – a combination of a coupé and SUV makes for a sporty and distinctive character
  • X3 – another compact SAV with high quality interiors and which offers more boot space
  • X4 – power meets aesthetics in this SAC
  • X5 – an all-terrain SAV, this mid-size powerhouse is great for the adventurous
  • X6 – BMW’s first sports activity coupé, its size also makes it a great option as a family car
  • X7 – the largest BMW SAV to date

Extensively updated editions of the BMW X5 and BMW X6 have recently been made available in Singapore.  Included in the new models are new systems for driving assistance, automated parking and a fully digital iDrive control/operation system with BMW Curved Display based on BMW Operating System 8.

Al-new BMW X6

BMW has also been rolling out electric models for the X series in its push for electrification.

Check out our BMW X models

3. Which are the electric SAV models?

  • BMW iX1 – fully-electric premium compact SAV with a range of up to 474km
  • BMW iX3 – fully-electric version of the X3 with a range of up to 461km
  • BMW iX xDrive40 – fully-electric with a range of up to 425 km (pictured above)
  • BMW XM (pictured) – called a “rockstar” by BMW, this hybrid SAV is the first BMW to cross the million-dollar price tag in Singapore
Sime Darby Motors Singapore.
Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

4. Which BMW X model has the biggest boot?

It would be the uber luxe BMW X7 (pictured above). It comes with three rows of seats as standard. If you fold down all the back seats, you get a whopping 2,125 litres of space. But unless you are planning on transporting some bulky furniture, the 750 litres of space with the third row of seats folded down would be more than enough for your daily needs.

5. Is it difficult to drive a BMW SAV or SAC?

In general, driving any SUV will feel different if you are used to a sedan. It will handle differently due to its larger size, and you have to be mindful of larger blind spots and manoeuvring into tight spaces.

You will get some help with the smart technologies and driver assistance features that BMW offer. These include Lane Change Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection, and automated Parking Assistant.

Still, you want to put in some practice to be a proficient driver without having to rely on these all the time.

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Sime Darby Motors Singapore.
Sime Darby Motors Singapore.

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6. Which BMW X should I buy?

With so many BMW X models available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Apart from affordability, you should always consider safety factors as well as your lifestyle needs.

You can also visit our dealership for advice and arrange a test drive as well. You will get a better sense of which SAV or SAC is suitable for you.


Selected photos: BMW Asia

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