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How to Change a Flat Tyre

Flat out tired?

Getting a punctured tyre while you are on the road can be an inconvenient and sometimes scary experience.

Unless your vehicle is equipped with run-flat tyres which are standard in BMW vehicles, it is dangerous to continue driving on a punctured conventional tyre. Run-flat tyres are specially designed to allow you to continue driving up to 80km at a maximum of 80km/h until you can safely reach a tyre shop or service centre to repair the puncture.

As a tyre blowout can happen at any time, it is always useful to learn how to change a flat tyre. Once you have this handy skill, it should not take you more than 30 minutes to change the tyre before you are on the road again.

Here are some guidelines in case you experience a tyre blowout.

Stop at a safe spot.

Remain calm, slowly reduce seed, switch on your hazard lights, and try to move your car to a spot away from traffic. An empty car park would be a great place. 

Don’t try to change a flat tyre if you are unable to find a safe spot or if you are caught in a heavy downpour. Never try to change a tyre it if you are on the highway and can only pull over to the road shoulder. Call for roadside assistance instead.

Engage your brakes and use a reflective safety triangle to alert other motorists that you have stopped and are changing the tyre.

Get the jack kit ready.

Read your vehicle’s manual to locate the spare tyre and jack kit. Do not use your kit if the equipment is worn or rusty. Check your spare tyre’s inflation level. If it is also flat, inflate it or call a tow truck. 

Find a flat, ahem, road so that your vehicle does not roll while you are trying to change the tyre. For safety reasons, wedge the other tyres with bricks or large stones to prevent your car from rolling.  

How to change a flat tyre.

1. Locate the tyre iron in your jack kit. Use it to loosen (do not remove) the lug nuts  of the flat tyre while your vehicle is stationary and on the ground.

2. Using the jack, raise the corner with the flat tyre corner. Make sure it is high enough for your spare tyre to fit.

3. Now remove the lug nuts from the flat tyre. Place the flat tyre on the ground.

4. Put in the spare tyre, then put the lug nuts back on the spare tyre. Do not tighten the lug nuts yet.

5. Turn your jack in reverse to lower your vehicle. Now, tighten the lug nuts to secure the tyre.

Head to a service centre.

As the spare tyre is not meant to be a permanent replacement, do not travel at high speeds when using it. You should visit a vehicle service centre for a proper replacement of your tyre as soon as possible.

Call for roadside assistance.

If you are not confident about changing a punctured tyre, always call for roadside assistance. Your personal safety should be paramount.

Here are a couple of useful numbers:

  • BMW Roadside Assistance Hotline: +65 6377 0085 or through the BMW app
  • Quick Lane Tyre and Auto Centre hotline (24/7): +65 6477 7368
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