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6 unique ideas for a romantic date in Singapore

Are you racking your brains for creative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day, to mark an anniversary with your significant other, or simply for a date night? If all you can think of is a romantic dinner or going to the cinema to catch a movie, you need to up your game!

There are many vibrant possibilities that can inject more fun, excitement, and romance into your date. From hands-on workshops to a spot of pampering and driving to a hidden corner of Singapore, we offer couples more than a couple of ideas to bring on the love feels. Yeah baby!

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Embrace Argentine Tango

If you’re looking to spice things up and add a touch of elegance to your date, consider taking up Argentine Tango. This iconic dance style is synonymous with passion and connection, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to spice up their dates.

At dance schools such as the aptly-named Tangopura (photo above), you can dive into the world of Argentine Tango with classes tailored for all levels. Through subtle movements and cues, you will discover a new language of communication that foster a deep sense of connection and trust with your partner.

The shared experience from learning Argentine Tango together, including the ups and downs of picking up a new skill and supporting each other through it, can strengthen your bonds while you are both having lots of fun.

As you progress, you may find yourselves frequenting Argentine Tango social nights or even planning a trip to Buenos Aires, the birthplace of this captivating dance. Who knows where else your romantic tango journey will take you?

Making custom perfume at Maison 21G
Photo: Maison 21G

Craft your own love potion

How often have we catch a whiff of a fragrant scent that immediately evokes wonderful memories? We nosed out a way that you and your partner can deepen your emotional bonds by creating a signature perfume together.

At Maison 21G, you can choose from 120 different essences and blend them to make your own personalised fragrances. This perfume studio offers workshops with expert perfume designers to help you along at its two boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya.

For example, there is a 90-min Couple Perfume Workshop that helps you discover your scent preferences. At the end of the workshop, you get to bring back individual his and hers perfumes as well as a mutual love potion.

Now each time you dab on a little of the scent, an image of your special other might just pop into mind. It’s a kind of magic!

Labrador Park

Rev up the romance

In a small and busy city like Singapore, finding moments of peace and intimacy can be a challenge at times. However, there are pockets of romance hidden amidst our urban landscape waiting to be discovered. Why not create your own unique date by taking a drive out to some of these charming and quiet locales?

For a secluded experience, head to Labrador Nature Park (pictured above). This underrated gem offers a panoramic view of the sea. Take a hand-in-hand walk through its many mangrove and coastal trails, and you might spot a squirrel or two. What is also interesting about Labrador Park are the World War II relics around the area harking back to its history as a coastal artillery fort. Read up on our local history beforehand and impress your date with your knowledge!

Another area to drive to is Kranji, probably the closest to the idea of a countryside in Singapore. From catching a gorgeous view of the sunrise at Kranji Reservoir, to spending alone time as a couple in the quiet of Kranji Marshes (pictured above), to a staycation at a colonial villa, there’s a plethora of activities you can both enjoy in this north-western part of Singapore.

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If you want to make it an even longer drive so that you have more time for intimate conversations in the car along the way, then Tuas is a destination to head for. Yes, surprisingly so!

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To catch what is arguably the best sunset in Singapore, head to the Lighthouse at Raffles Marina. Take a relaxing stroll along the boardwalk and marvel at the changing hues of the sky before dusk. The lighthouse itself makes for a beautiful backdrop if you want to capture a picture with your special bae.

After the walk, make your way to Raffles Marina Club,* which owns the Lighthouse, for an al fresco meal at its bistro. (* Visitors are reminded to respect and abide by the Club’s rules.)

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Soak in the romance

For a literally relaxing date, give yourself and your special one some well-deserved timeout by indulging in a soak in an onsen bath.

Onsen spas such as Joya Onsen Cafe goes a step further by combining the onsen spa experience with a Japanese teahouse concept. Couples can book a 90-minue private onsen spa package, and adjourn for some Japanese fare at its café thereafter.

Others like Ikeda Spa offers a tranquil sanctuary in Bukit Timah away from the madding crowd. Its Couple Onsen Hinoki Bath is well-known for using real hinoki (Japanese cypress wood), a prized wood that releases mineral oils with anti-bacterial properties. Get to rejuvenate your skin, lift your mood, or promote better blood circulation.

For special occasions, Ikeda Spa also offers a Couple Outdoor Hinoki Onsen that overlooks the gorgeous view of the lush greenery surrounding it.

We say it’s an ON for this spa-tacular date!

aftedarkroom tintype photography in Singapore
Photo: afterdarkroom Instagram

Be immortalised in silver

Looking for a date idea that will give you a lasting memory? Consider booking a tintype photography session with your significant other.

A tintype is a photograph made on a thin sheet of metal coated with a light-sensitive solution. It originated in the 19th century from a process called wet-plate photography. Tintypes have a distinctive vintage look characterised by rich tones, soft focus, and a metallic aesthetic.

In Singapore, the last remaining tintype studio is afterdarkroom. According to the studio, the images on the plates are very detailed as they are formed by pure silver and are expected to last for at least 170 years!

During the tintype session, you will get to experience the preparation before the shoot, the actual photography session, and the fascinating development process thereafter. The studio will varnish and scan the plate, providing you with a stand or frame for display for your tintype photograph.

Tintype photography offers couples an enduring way to creating stunning and one-of-a-kind portraits that capture the essence of their love while evoking a sense of nostalgia and romance.

Now that’s a forever gift!

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Get a little wet

If you don’t mind getting a little wet – and we are not being cheeky eh – then paddle your way to a kayak date.

Kayaking may not be the first that pops to mind for a date but there are many compelling benefits to doing so. For example, it can be a great first date idea. If you are into fitness and the outdoors, it can be a good way to test the waters (!) to see if that someone new in your life enjoys this too.

Kayaking also involves some teamwork and having a laugh at each other. For the adventurous couple, this can bring you closer together. Other than sporting fun, padding across tranquil water gives you plenty of alone time together. You can settle into the comfort of each other’s company and let the conversation flow with the water.

Places from Kallang River and MacRitchie Reservoir to Pasir Ris Beach Park, and even Yishun Park, offer kayak rental. Depending on where you are kayaking, you could be exploring mangroves and mudflats, catching a breath-taking view of a sunset, or passing by a family of frolicking otters.

It’s a date!

As you plan your next romantic outing, consider stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing new experiences together. Whether you are creating custom fragrances, dancing into the night, or exploring the great outdoors, these unique date ideas promise to inject fun, deepen connection, and create great memories for you and your loved one.

So go ahead, ditch the ordinary and embark on an extraordinary adventure of love and romance.

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